I recently took an insurance course, I’m trying to broaden my horizon. It’s quite an exicitng course.

If you are into finance,accounting,economics like me then I’m telling you you are going to love it. It makes you look at the corporate world in a new angle.


Insurance is basically protection from future loss at a premium,this means the client buys cover of their choice from the insurance company and the insurer promises to cover the client against that loss.

In the case of self-insurance instead of going to an insurance company you insure your self,save money in the bank perhaps for your car to be able to fix it when something happens to it.

Top 5 seafoods you must try

I used to hate seafoods and whenever I went out to eat I would choose nandos or Cappuccinos and never thought of seafood,I used to hate seafood but now that I think of it it wasn’t really hate…I just didn’t know what to eat or how to it, it all seemed so complicated.

Up until my brother forced me to go with him to Ocean Basket, he is vegetarian but loves seafood. That resturant changed my life, I’m all about seafood now.

The next time you find yourself near a seafood resturant don’t hesitate,try these:

1. Prawns: these are my favourate

2. Shrimps: you might wanna ask the waitress to show you how to remove its cover before eating,delicious

3. Oysters;you can never go wrong with oysters

4. Baked fish: this is that normal delicious hake that we all know and love.

I am yet to try Sushi and lobster,I cannot believe I’ve been missing so much. Since this experience I am all about trying new things.

Which other seafoods should I try,leave your comments below,thanks

Morning routine

All successful people have 1 thing in common; a routine,whether it’s evening or morning routine. They plan their day out and actually get things done.

Morning routines have proven to be more efficient because that’s a time where the mind is sharp and ideas are likely to pop up,so you can take advantage of that and get creative.

0430:I wake up drink a glass of water and do my school work or any paperwork I have for that day

0530: I then stretch and do yoga or go for a morning jog,it gives me more energy and refreshes my body and mind

0600:I take this time to bath and get ready for my day.

Try creating a routine,you will see the difference it brings,i would like to hear your thoughts on having a routine.comment below